The Sheltering Sky.

For those of you who live outside the UK, you won't know that quite recently we experienced something of an Indian Summer. Indeed, on Saturday October 1st, temperatures reached an astounding (well, for us anyway) 30 degrees centigrade. That's the hottest temperature for that time of year ever recorded in Britain.
So, as the weather was so nice, I got out my camera, went outside, and took some photos of what I saw. There is, perhaps, nothing more cliched than a picture of a sunset, but we were having such remarkable ones at around that time, that I thought it would be nice to capture them for posterity. The following are actually pictures of the sky around where I live at dawn. I think you will agree that they are quite beautiful, with their astonishing amalgams of pinks, yellows and blues.

I don't know why it is, but I've always been fascinated by the sky- that little bit of atmosphere that protects us from the dark chill of space. So, as I mentioned sunsets earlier, here is one from round my way.

So, as the sky darkened after a wonderful, sunny day, I felt calm and tranquil, safe and protected, beneath the sheltering sky.


The Manic Chef said…
David, what beautiful pictures that you captured! Yes, everything about nature has a wonderful calming affect upon one's mind, heart and soul, if one can push through the turbulence of the mind and emotions. But somehow, someway, the effects of the surrounding beauty can push itself through to bring a much needed hopeful peace. Quite the change from your usual in-depth and profound writings. Thank you for sharing, take care and be safe. Later.....
David said…
Dear Manic Chef,
Yes, this is quite a change from my usual stuff. Being a friend of Gary's, I thought I might try something like he does with his blog. So, I hope you enjoyed this klahanie-inspired posting, which you seem to have done.
Thank you once again.
Best Wishes,
bazza said…
Lovely photos David. I feel the same way about the sea.
Nature can produce more beauty than any man can, I think.
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’
David said…
Dear bazza,
Thank you for appreciating my little amatuer effort at photography. I thought they turned out quite well too.
And as for nature and its beauty, who could argue?
Best Wishes to you, bazza,
klahanie said…
Dear David,
Wonderful photos accompanied by such soothing words. I'm delighted you have taken some pictures and shared such awesome resplendent splendour with us all.
Very nice Dave and thanks for phoning me. It was greatly appreciated.
In kindness and respect, Gary
David said…
Dear Gary,
Thank you too, as your own occasional postings of pictures of the scenery round your way were something of an inspiration for this post.
It was a pleasure, as ever, to speak with you. I just hope things improve for you and your family soon.
With Very Best Wishes,
dcrelief said…
Very lovely, David. Living on the east coast, I've never seen the sun set at ocean's horizon. Keep sharing the talent and sentiments. ~love the sky too.

Dixie =)
David said…
Dear Dixie,
Of course I'll continue sharing my many talents (ha ha) and wise sentiments (even bigger ha ha).
With Very Best Wishes,

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