I'm a Friendly Blogger...Apparently.

This will be just a short post to say thank you to my very dear friend Gary, aka klahanie, who has seen fit to pass on the "friendly blogger" award to me.
I would just say that I don't think I deserve this award half as much as Gary does. I know he spends hours at his computer communicating back and forth with other bloggers, offering them his kind, warm-hearted friendship. Gary often tells me that he is sometimes "exhausted" by all the communication he so selflessly gives to others, but being the type of guy he is, I don't think he ever fails to respond to some one's comment or email or, if you're like me, telephone call. So here's to you, Gary, my hirsute, hippy pal!
Anyway, as it is expected of me to pass on this award to other bloggers, I thought I would mention just the few who always leave me kind and supportive comments. They are as follows:
The Manic Chef.
bazza at "To Discover Ice".
Dixie at "dcrelief".
Occasionally, I have had comments from others, such as the SNEE (or "The Sometimes Never Eventually Express"), Gem at "The Modern Day Spinster", and "TheraScribbles", so I thought I would mention them too.
And finally, I will give a special mention to Mattie Elliott at "Mattie's Just for Fun Poetry Blog", who left many kind comments on my blog, but who now, unfortunately, appears to have ceased blogging.
You can find links to all the above sites on the right of this page.
Just to say that all of the above mentioned do not have to acknowledge their award, and whether to take part is entirely up to them.
So, this is your "friendly", normal, average, delusional and paranoid man, signing off.


bazza said…
How kind David! I hope and believe that for Gary (and for most of us) blogging is a two-way street.
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’
David said…
Dear bazza,
Yes, I'm sure Gary gets as much out of blogging as he puts in. It's just that I do know that he seems to spend an absurd amount of time communicating with his many diciples (erm, sorry, I meant "followers").
Anyway, don't mention it, bazza. As you always seem to take the time to comment on this blog, I thought you thoroughly deserved a mention. So thank you.
With Very Best Wishes,
The Manic Chef said…
David, oh my gosh......again I'm rewarded the "Friendly Blogger" Award, awwwwww.....you guys are killing me here....you know how emotional I get, especially when I know there are persons out there that "really.....really.....like me"! I know.....I know.... I stole it from 'Sally Fields' academy award exception speech...oh eons ago. So sue me! With a grateful heart of thanksgiving to you, a normal(uh...hmmm that's questionable), average (yes...you got that right), delusional and paranoid (who am I to argue?!)man, for granting me this award. Later....friend.
The Manic Chef said…
Oh for heavens sake, do you see what I have to put with it? What goes on in my mind...!!!!! Exception is NOT the correct word, oy...oh the humiliation of it all! It should be acceptance speech! Thank you! Later...
dcrelief said…
Oh David,
Congratulations! You are friendly; you are a blogger... so it was just a matter of time before someone put the two words together... then thought of you~

I so enjoy your blog, and thank you for the mention!! That's very kind.

Sending peace,
David said…
Dear Manic Chef,
Now, now, calm down dear. It's only a blogging award. But one which you greatly deserve, I might add.
And, I return your heartfelt acceptance speech with a great big thank you for continuing to comment on my little blog.
With Very Best Wishes,
David said…
Dear Dixie,
Thank you. Your support since almost the beginning of this blog has been invaluable and is much appreciated.
From one friendly blogger to another,
klahanie said…
Dear David,
Yes, apparently, you are a friendly blogger. And whilst in a state of confused exhaustion, I bestowed this award upon your shy, humble self.
Now for the serious bit. David, this thoughtful award befits you and it was my honour and privilege to forward it onto you. Your friendship, beyond the blogging world, is highly valued. I'm grateful to have a friend like you.
Very pleased that you forwarded this award onto some friendly folks who I either included in my list, or were most certainly thought about. Congrats to all of them and to the fine Canadian chap who had a bit of a 'Sally Fields' moment :)
In kindness and respect, your pal, Gary
David said…
Dear Gary,
Aw, shucks, and thank you for bestowing this award on my humble self.
I am over the moon, also, to have someone like you as a pal in the 3-D world.
I hadn't noticed that you included some of those I mention in your own "freindly blogger" posting. Oh well, now they have the award twice over!
Thanks once again, Gary.
Stay well and very best wishes to you,
David, I was very moved by your thoughtful mention of Mom's blog. Though I no longer post any of her work, I still stop by to see what's going on in the lives of our friends. I always remember a kindness, and you've always been generous, David. Mom and I thank you.:) Take care. Be well.

Many blessings,
David said…
Dear M.,
Thank you. It was my pleasure to mention you and your Mom amongst my "friendly bloggers". I hope you continue to visit from time to time, and also that you may decide to continue publishing your Mom's poems, which have been a great pleasure and inspiration.
With Very Best Wishes,

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