It's Snowmageddon!

After a brief spell of quite mild weather for the time of year, Britain has been deluged with snow. I don't know how other countries with more severe weather conditions than ours (say, Russia, for instance) manage to cope with such things, but here in my homeland it seems that even with only a bit of snow, things begin to grind to a big, crunching halt. People have trouble getting about, with road, rail and air traffic all affected. Schools close. Businesses lose money. People stock up on supplies for fear that their food will suddenly run out. Football matches, meetings and other gatherings are all cancelled. Yes, folks, it's snowmageddon!
And, if you're wondering what snowmageddon looks like, here is a little picture of round my way for your delectation.
Yes, I know it's not exactly Siberia, but you'd think, by our reaction to all this, that it was.
So, let's close all schools, cancel all meetings, buy extra dog food so our pets don't suddenly expire, get stuck in huge traffic jams, and stock up on candles just in case all the lights go out. After all, it's snowmageddon!  


klahanie said…
Hey David,

Well, what do you snow? Ah yes, we have been set upon by the icy cold that sprinkles us with wondrous drops of flaky white stuff.

And yes, a few flakes cause this land to grind to a halt. Let's shut down the whole country and the dog food will be what the ConDems expect us to eat as a luxury food item.

Yes, the snow must be having an effect on us both, David. Here it is, almost three in the morning and I'm commenting on your refreshingly light hearted posting.

With mittens on, I now publish my comment.

Your frosty friend,

Dixie said…
Love this, David. Such a light-hearted post! Beautiful area, good choice. I didn't think it ever snowed there!
I hope you guys make a snowman. He'd look great standing on the corner.

bazza said…
Hi David. The problem with snow in the UK, (at least in the south), is that it isn't quite frequent enough for us to build it in to our life style. We often get a winter with no snow even settling.
Some countries have a mid-season soccer break but these days there are only a few cancellations because many pitches are heated.
Still, at least it looks nice!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’
Lost in Space said…
It always amazes, yet completely frustrates, me how little we Brits are able to cope with the tiniest snowfall. A dusting of the white stuff and everything grinds to a standstill. Aaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.
David said…
Hi Gary,
Ah, yes, the snow, which causes us such wonder and consternation. It's usually worse round your way, Gare, so I hope you're not snowed in yet or anything. But, not to worry, the big thaw is on its way!
Very Best Wishes,
David said…
Hi Dixie,
I'm glad that you like this and you think I live in a beautiful area. You should see it without the snow, though, it really is, erm, quite average. I haven't built any snowmen yet, but did manage to get snowballed by a group of passing teenagers!
Thanks Dixie, I hope all's well with you.
Very Best Wishes,
David said…
Hi bazza,
Yes, despite it all, it does look nice. As I've said to Gary, we should be in for a thaw, though, so perhaps things will soon be returning to normal!
Very Best Wishes,
David said…
Hi Lost in Space,
Yes, it can be very frustrating when everything seems to come to a halt just because of a little bit of snow. If you're stuck at home, it can bet quite boring. But, with warmer temperatures on the way, I expect it'll soon be gone.
Always nice to hear from you.
Very Best Wishes,

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