Dave's Progress. Chapter 41: Happy 50th to Me!

This is just a very short blog to say a Happy 50th blog posting to me! Yes, this is the 50th time I've posted and I just thought it was something to celebrate. While some of you, I know, are boundlessly more prolific than I am in your writing, this is for me, nonetheless, something of a milestone. From my first tentative steps at blogging, with titles like, "A Weighty Issue" and "Is Poetry Dead?" to the later "Dave's Progress" chapters, I feel I have come a long way over the two years that I have been writing. If you notice I have gotten gradually more prolific and I also hope that you do, indeed, notice some "progress" being made along the way.
As you will know, this is a blog, primarily, about mental ill health and, perhaps, above all, fighting the terrible stigma and discrimination which surround diagnoses such as mine. Indeed, it was first as part of The Media Action Group for Mental Health's "mindbloggling" project that I became involved in the blogging world, so I would thank them heartily for getting me started.
There is also, I hope, some evidence in my blog that my interests go further than just mental ill health. With chapters like, "God Spoke to Johnny Cash, then Johnny Cash Spoke to Me", "Jade Goody: Saint or Sinner", and, of course, my "Confessions of a Cinephile" and "Confessions of a Bibliophile" I hope I show that there is more to me than just my diagnosis. I also remember clearly waking up at 4am one morning to find out that Barak Obama had won the US election by a landslide and felt so moved by it that I immediately posted a blog entitled, "A New Hope". All of this has come and gone and it seems to have gone so fast.
I would also like to thank all of you who follow my blog. I hope you keep on reading and will always find at least something of interest here. Of all those, I would particularly thank Klahanie and DCRelief for continuing to give me supportive and kind comments. Thanks guys!
And now I'm beginning to sound like some pretentious actor accepting his Oscar, so I will end there. Needless to say, that's all for now from your normal, average, delusional and paranoid man.


klahanie said…
Dear David,
When I first read the title of your blog; for a moment there, I thought you were referring to your age. Of course, I know you are barely old enough to go into a pub.
Anyway, hearty congratulations on this noteworthy milestone posting. The positive interaction that we share is inspirational and, I like to think, most therapeutic.
It is wonderful to note that sincere, kind and compassionate bloggers such as dcrelief are very much a part of our empathetic community. Thank you for acknowledging me. That is most appreciated.
On behalf of the Academy, I would like to present you with the 'Happy 50th Blog Award'.
All the very best, David. I look forward to your continuance in the wonderful world of blogging.
Kind wishes, Gary.
dcrelief said…
Happy 50th posting David! I would also congratulate you on the 41 chapters of "Dave's Life." That stands tall too, in my mind.

Thank you for 'allowing' your site to be a facilitator between the two areas of healthy and 'those seeking more health'. (I hope that made sense.)

I greatly appreciate the work you do to create the postings that arrive! In celebration, dc.
David said…
Dear Gary,
Thanks for the comment and your continued support.
I realise I am but a baby both in terms of blogging (in comparison to you) and also your own gargantuan age and maturity. In fact, I have noticed signs of your burgeoning senility- witness your blogs on "chips" and "cheese". Maybe you could write one about the two together- "chips and cheese". Apparently people actually eat that now- yuk!
Seriously, though, Gary, I thank you sincerely for all your comments on my blog and hope our on-line therapeutic and empathic community keeps going strong, and of which you are something of a leader and inspiration.
Yours with Very Best Wishes,
David said…
Dear dc,
Thanks for your lovely comment and your support over what must be now alomost two years.
I thank you in all sincerity for your warm and heartfelt comments.
Yours With Very Best Wishes,
dcrelief said…
Dear David,

I certainly do remember my 50th posting. When I first began I could not fathom ever reaching that goal.
My first Zimbio magazine started April 30, 2008 ~ just over a year now... Through five wikizines on the web site "Zimbio" using Blogger, I've written around 868 posts. At times a world of fun.

I'm so grateful you came along. A refreshing read to my own emotional dribble. :/ (poor me, lol.)
Forgive me for second commenting. Just back to cheer you on for number 51 !!
In kindness, Dixie/dc
David said…
Dear Dixie,
Thanks for your second comment. Please feel free to comment all you want!
I am indeed glad that I "came along" with you on this blogging journey and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind, supportive comments along the way.
Rest assured I will write soon with my 51st blog, but it seems I have some way to go in catching you up. 868 posts is surely some kind of record.
Thankyou once again, dc, and wishing you wellness and peace,
Etier said…
It's nice to hear that you're making progress in your quest to improve! I've only "met" you today.
Keep up the writing and continue moving towards your goal!


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