Dave's Progress. Chapter 16: Hollywood Here I Come, part II.

So, the film that I mentioned a few chapters back, after a few weeks of uncertainty, is still definitely going ahead. We have now given all our ideas over to the film making team, they have been back with a completed script, and now are off to make the film for us. Apparently it will be filmed mostly in January and February and should go into post-production and editing in mid-March and should be finished by the end of that month. It will be around six minutes long in running time and, of course, will be a mini-masterpiece.
As I previously said the film will be there to highlight the experiences of the long-term mentally ill, usually sufferers of manic depression, i.e. bi-polar or schizophrenia. The film, however, is to be no straight-forward re-telling of our experiences but will be an arty, somewhat metaphorical, even esoteric rendering of what it is like to go through bouts of severe mental distress.
As such the film will take the form of a mannequin going through a maze, the maze representing the haphazard journey that everyone goes through when experiencing serious mental ill health. On his way through the maze the mannequin comes across various signposts or words indicating the obstacles that we all face, like prejudice, misunderstanding, stress, depression, psychosis, self-harm and isolation. As he makes his way through the maze the mannequin's appearance becomes gradually more human, until, when he eventually gets out of it, his mask falls to the floor revealing a human face. At this point he notices other masks on the floor, indicating that others have been on the same journey. Inside the masks he finds words like hope, recovery and understanding, and he then walks on at the end to join us at the pathways group. In the background,we see another mannequin pick up the first mannequin's mask, indicating that there is always someone going through this long, arduous, difficult, but hopeful journey.
Hopefully the film, then, will show both the negatives and eventual positives that severe mental ill health can mean. It is all based on our own ideas at the pathways group so, as you can imagine, we are all very excited about it.
So, will it be Hollywood Here I Come? When did George Clooney's film career really start? Remind me again?
That's all for now from your normal, average, paranoid and delusional man.


dcrelief said…
Sounds great David, with an interesting presentation. Have fun with that. Wish I could see it.
Best regards, dcrelief
David said…
Thanks dcrelief. And thanks for continueing to read my blog.
Like I say we are all excited about the film. If you are leaving the States as you said, perhaps I'll pop you a copy in the post!
Yours with Warmest Wishes,
klahanie said…
Hello David,
Sorry I have not got to your blog sooner. This dude has da' flu..what can I do? Anyway....
Congratulations on having your film on such a worthwile cause, come to fruition. If the film makes people realise that negatives can be turned into positives, that is most definitely a good thing.
I hope Hollywood is prepared for your arrival David? I reckon those so called 'A list' stars will be right jealous when they seen the new English kid in 'Tinsel Town'.
Oh yeah David, if you see George Clooney, would please pass on this message: "George, I am not going to tell you my secrets of how to become a babe magnet."
Warm wishes to you David and have a wonderful 'Boxing Day Eve' (okay then..'Christmas'..):-)

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