Dave's Progress. Chapter 8: Hollywood Here I Come?

Just a short blog this time to say that I may be about to become a film star. Well, sort of.
As I am part of the Pathways to Recovery group at the Bennett Centre, I will be involved with the making of a film to show the experiences of the long-term mentally ill. Most of us at the group have diagnoses of either schizophrenia or manic depression and we have decided that the film should be there to promote an understanding of our experiences of those illnesses.
There has already been many ideas thrown into the ring about what the film should be about and look like. Many have mentioned the isolation and loneliness they feel, our difficulty in forming lasting relationships or indeed, any relationships at all. But despite this we all seem to feel that the film should also portray a message of hope, that there can be light at the end of any long and dark tunnell and that recovery, coping, living and achieving with such diagnoses is possible.
The film, I think, will be funded by the council and we are getting help from some very creative people. For example, The Cultural Sisters are at present helping us develop our creative sides and are taking on board all our ideas about the film. Later, I think, we will meet the director, who has just recently finished making a film in Hollywood about Dick Turpin. The film will be being released next year and I am told we will have a full-on premiere occassion- yes, red carpets, fancy frocks and dinner jackets, etc. So, better get my autograph now before I get too famous to speak to you anymore!
Also, I believe this may be my last blog on the mindbloggling network. I shall continue to blog though and will continue to welcome your comments. But perhaps some thanks to all of you who have commented on my blog so far- I say thankyou as your words always lift my spirits. I can only hope I do the same, in a small way, for you. So this is not the end, but only the opening of a new chapter. I must also thank all the hysterics, neurotics and downright anti-social for all the help they have given me too- here I am talking about the many psychiatrists it has been my pleasure to know.
That's all for now from your normal, average, paranoid and delusional man.


klahanie said…
Hello David,
"Film star"? Well David, I think you are a star anyway. So glad that you are keeping busy and continuing to highlight the experiences of the long-term mentally ill.
Nice to see you have been interacting with our friend over in America. I'm sure she will love your poetry. Perhaps you noticed my feeble attempt at poetry?
klahanie said…
Whoops! I pushed the wrong key on my keyboard. Had not finished commenting. Look on the bright side David. You now have two comments from me.
Not surprised to hear about Mind Bloggling. Maybe one day you might find out why I'm not seen around anymore.
My very best wishes to you.
Warm wishes Gary.
dcrelief said…
Hi David,
Seems I'm always a bit late; please let me know where you new blog site will be.
And yes, I definitely want your autograph! I wish you much success with the film.
I'm so grateful for the comments you've left at my site.
Be well, happy holly-wooding!
klahanie said…
Hey David,
As I type this, the Mind Bloggling Blog Library has gone down. However, because I've stored you as one of the blogs I 'follow', I link right through to you.
Just wanted to thank you for your ongoing comments on my blog. Thanks also for your interaction with our friend 'dcrelief'. Oh yeah dude...can I have your autograph? Warm wishes Gary.

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